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An offbeat, fun, and informative show Hosted by IdeaFire™ Founder & CEO, Sean Makulowich that provides you with insightful and actionable tips, tricks, and ideas for how to grow your business.

Learn from Sean and a wide variety of industry expert Guests how to leverage the latest digital marketing tools, trends, and best practices. *Oh and we’ll also be reviewing craft beers, fine wines, and unique spirits in each show.

Kick up your feet and get ready to laugh AND learn! 😜 #IdeaFireTV

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Welcome to IdeaFire TV – a short weekly show that provides you with insightful and actionable tips, tricks and ideas for how to grow your business online through digital marketing and social media tools, trends and best practices. #IdeaFireTV

Episode 1 – Color Theory

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Color theory is used in marketing to create an emotional connection between a brand and its target audience. By strategically selecting colors, marketers can evoke certain feelings and associations that can influence how a customer perceives a product or service. For example, red is often used to create a sense of urgency or excitement, while blue can invoke a feeling of trust and reliability. Additionally, colors can be used to create a sense of unity or cohesion throughout a brand’s marketing materials. By using the right colors in a design, marketers can create a powerful visual message that resonates with their target audience and makes that audience more inclined to take a specific action.

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