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An Entire Suite of Professional Video and Film Production Services at Your Disposal

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Tell a Story that Connects with Your Audience

Are you thinking about incorporating professional video into your marketing strategy?  You should… and we can help!  Whether you want to create an animated explainer video describing or highlighting your products and services for your website or you want to make a customer testimonial video, we can help get you the results you’re looking for.

Incorporating high-quality video content into your company’s marketing and social media strategy is now more important than ever.  Simply put, your audience would much rather be able to click a “Play” button on your website or landing page and be “spoon-fed” the information they are looking for instead of having to read five paragraphs of text to acquire the same information.  Makes sense, right?  We think so too!

In addition to filming and producing your video, we also assist our Clients with things like deciding what type of video to produce and determining the appropriate length for each type of video.  We’ll also help you define your CTA (Call to Action) for your videos (Phone Number, Link, Landing Page, Form, etc.) so that it is aligned with the ultimate goal(s) of your video.

IdeaFire™ Can Help You Film and Produce:

  • Video blogs, live podcasts and webinars
  • Interviews with execs or industry thought leaders
  • Customer testimonials, product reviews and tutorials
  • Events (conferences, keynotes, startup launch parties, etc.)
  • Company culture videos for branding or recruiting purposes
  • Interactive videos for training, consulting or live software demos

Our Video Services Include:

  • Filming and editing
  • Directing and producing
  • Location and talent scouting
  • Storyboarding and script writing
  • Concept development and project management
  • Original music production, voice over (VO) recording and editing

Why Choose IdeaFire™

  • We’re an award-winning consulting firm with over a decade of innovation under our belt.
  • We work with an incredibly talented, and ambitious distributed global Team of creatives, programmers, and data scientists.
  • We leverage the latest AI, tech, tactics, and best practices to keep your brand and your Team on top of its game so you're setup for success, no matter how quickly the market and tech changes.
  • Driven by passion for AI and digital marketing; fueled by our love for design, innovation, and advanced tech. 

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