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IdeaFire TV 💡🔥📺 Episode 3 – Ray-Ban Stories Smart Sunglasses Review (1st Gen)

In this episode, Sean reviews the Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses 1st Generation (2021). These glasses marked a significant step in wearable technology, combining classic style with modern tech innovation. Developed in collaboration between Facebook (now Meta) and Luxottica, these glasses blend fashion, technology, and practicality.

Design & Build Quality

Firstly, the design retains the iconic Ray-Ban aesthetic, ensuring that these smart glasses don’t compromise on style. Available in various classic Ray-Ban frames like Wayfarer, Round, and Meteor, they cater to different fashion preferences and are even available with polarized and prescription lenses. The build quality is solid, with the glasses feeling sturdy yet comfortable for prolonged wear. Despite their thickness in housing technology components, they don’t feel overly heavy or bulky, which is surprising, but awesome.

 Features & Tech

The smart features of the Ray-Ban Stories are where they truly shine. They are equipped with dual 5MP cameras, allowing users to capture photos and videos hands-free. This feature is particularly useful for moments when reaching for a phone isn’t convenient. The glasses are controlled via a touchpad on the side of the frame or by voice commands, making them intuitive and user-friendly. The audio quality, delivered through open-ear speakers, is surprisingly clear for their size. While they can’t compete with high-end earphones in terms of sound quality, they are adequate for casual listening and phone calls. The incorporation of three microphones ensures that call quality is crisp and clear.

 Battery Life & Charging

Battery life is a crucial aspect of any wearable tech. The Ray-Ban Stories offer a reasonable battery performance, lasting about 3-6 hours depending on usage. They come with a charging case that provides an additional three charges, extending their usability throughout the day.


Overall, the Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses are an impressive foray into the world of smart eyewear. They successfully blend the iconic Ray-Ban style with practical, user-friendly technology. While they may not replace your high-end camera or audio equipment, they offer a unique experience for capturing and sharing moments on the go. Their ease of use, combined with the stylish design, makes them a viable option for those looking to step into the world of smart glasses without sacrificing fashion for function.

*2023 Upgraded 2nd Generation Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Specs

  1. Camera: 12MP Camera, full 1080p recording with full spatial audio recording
  2. Speakers: 50% louder audio, 2x deeper bass
  3. Battery: Battery life about the same but the case is more compact and the new glasses do seem to charge a bit faster
  4. Design: More frame styles and lens color combinations available


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