I didn’t blog for a longest time because I thought I didn’t have the time. Boy, was I wrong. Now that I’m blogging I actually have more time. Okay, I know that sounds weird, but stay with me and I’ll tell you why.

We all do various things in our life and for our business hoping for a happy, predictable, successful outcome. However, we often discover what we should have done was follow our gut do what our instincts tell us to do. Are you with me?

Let’s take blogging as an example. Blogging is now a part of the marketing and relationship building landscape. We all know people who have learned to carve the necessary time to update and add regular content to their blog. The reason is they have figured out it is PROFITABLE for them to do this. Profitable in many different areas. Income, credibility, exposure, search engine ranking, the desire to have more personality online, product exposure, affiliate income, customer testimonials, podcasting, staff changes, company promotions, customer service and the list goes on and on.

I’m a business person and marketer so I know all this stuff. Right? But I fought the instinct to blog myself for so long and because I didn’t have a blog with decent readership I missed out on many opportunities. Trackable opportunities and income in the tens of thousands dollars.

The shift for me finally came, not from the pain of what I missed or the fear of additional loss, but from the pure frustration of having to repeat myself. Having to start again, over and over, which kept often kept me in the mode of “first gear thinking” when I wanted continue to move on with other ideas and projects. That was my reason or moment of enlightenment. I know yours will be completely different.

Once I began to blog my thoughts, ideas, rants, advice, methods and suggestions my life began to get easier. I was less frustrated because I got this stuff out of my head. (There are blog posts I haven’t yet made public and some will never see the light of day.) So early on it was cathartic for me. Now it’s just pure productivity. And with that productivity comes exposure, the income and everything else I get to do because of my blog.

There are many of the cool things you can do with your own blog.

The bottom line I have more time. because I have better clarity about what I’m doing.  That all by itself is priceless, but my blogging efforts have become the catalyst for so many other things.

Anyone who begins blogging will tell you it feels like work and for some it might be. Others find the process is so refreshing and liberating that it literally becomes life changing. The best thing is you can post or update your blog on your schedule and now you can post date a post for anytime in the future.

Just know that the most content you post the more your blog get recognized, talked about and shared with others online. Now what is the valuable in that?

This might you overcome your resistance to blogging. Think about your blog being much like an employee. If you want a more productive employee you train them, cultivate them and provide the right information so they will do the best job for you; so you get your money and time’s worth.

A successfully read blog is no different than a productive employee. It’s your task to get it working for you.

Blogging is one of the best promotion and marketing tools for your passion or business becomes you can maintain completely control. You can say and promote what you want, when you want and the people you attract will be like-minded in how and what you say.

Ideafire.com is a new blog for me. It’s my way of giving back, helping others and providing valuable, common sense information that other marketers and business people might find useful.

Yes, I might earn income from some of the products, services or resources I mention, suggest or promote. You might to watch what I do and follow some of those leads for yourself. I intend to use this blog and the relationships I build with it to my and benefits of many others.

Feel free to comment or challenge anything I say at any time. This is an open forum for information, income and passionate business building online.

So if you’re not blogging yet get on the stick. I can almost guarantee you’re missing out on lots of growth for your business, significant income and valuable input from your readers and peers by not doing so.

In life we all have triggers. Those little moments of inspiration or frustration that pushes us to do something greater. Unfortunately, some people have put up barriers to keep those triggers from being noticed. Don’t be one of them. Your greatest achievements come from the little things you do. Moving forward is what makes the difference between small success and exceptional, unbelievable, stupendous, monumental success.

I live to seek out what those triggers are for other people and how to make them aware of those moments. I hope this information prompts you to get started on your way to blogging for business, fun and profit.

Here’s to those little triggers.

Have fun and be well.

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